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A meaningless expression used by furrys who can't or won't decide on a word to express the emotional state.

A furry "meh" basicly.
Fox: So how was your day?
Skunk: Marf
by Mr Yin January 05, 2009
A contraction of the words muff and barf. Muff meaning vagina and barf meaning....barf. Slang for the technical term vaginal vomit.
Will can you clean up the couch? Your girlfriend and all her STDs left some marf on it the last time you guys boned.
by Hayden Mckay March 08, 2011
1. A fusion of the words meow and arf, usually uttered by the bored.

2. A word that can be used to change the subject in an awkward and/or annoying conversation.

3. Can be used when others are making random animal sounds. (when asked what it is use definition 1, paraphrase if you'd like)
1. This is sorta self-exclamatory.

2. Wierd Guy: Hey guess what.


Wierd Guy: *random shit*

You: MARF.

Wierd Guy: What?

You: I said MARF.

Wierd Guy: Ok then.

You: Yup.

Wierd Guy: *Walks away*

You: *smile in triumph*

3. Person #1: Meow

Person #2: Arf


Both #1-2: What

You: *explain what MARF is*

Both #1-2: *bow down to your glory*
by Blah- muther fuckin- Blah November 23, 2009
Any human-like creature that is one or more of the following: greedy, horny, smelly, has tendencies to indulge in sexual acts with little girls, or will walk into any house unannounced and eat any and/or all food in the area.
"You're such a goddamn marf, fuck!"
by shart666 January 19, 2009
a word that you use to express agitation, excitment or any other emotion rather then saying a whole sentence
"BRITTANY DO THE DISHES!!" mad commandment
MARF! (agitation)
by hbw August 31, 2008
Used as a replacement for any verb, marf can be useful in many situations.

Forms- Marf, Marfing, Marfed
Me and Dave were marfing last night, and he marfed my fucking keyboard! I am going to marf him into 1985 for that shiz!
by wazzledoozle September 05, 2006
Basically it's Otha's version of "scarfing" down some food, the only way he can.
Man duuuuuuuuuude.... I got really high and totally marfed down a gallon of ice cream, two pizzas, a pound of M&M's and a bucket of chicken wings in one sitting!
by soggynachosdirtyunderwear February 16, 2011
A combination (or portmanteau) of the words "moist", "ass", and "barf" all in one. It pretty much means poop or diarrhea, but with a funnier sounding word.
Person 1) "I totally just marfed on your birthday cake!"

Person 2) "That's okay. Maybe we can eat your marf and vomit all over each other!"

Person 1) "Only if you fist me!"

Person 2) "Deal!"
by Green Bean Boy December 02, 2010

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