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Amazing and never boring. If you get lucky enough to have one of these you'll never forget it. They say once you've been "marenated" you're done for!
Maren is a rebel that will turn you on.
by lovelyhawk February 05, 2010
klutz. reaaalll cute!
"your such a maren!"
by irock4456 October 10, 2008
absoultley amazing , pretty , fun to be with .
Wow i wanna hangout with a Maren.
by ChcikenHead June 06, 2011
A rebellious girl who feels misunderstood a lot. But if you give her a chance, she's awesome!
Maren is so cool once you get to know her!
by She-Who-Shan't-Ever-Be-Named June 01, 2011
A maren will often call themselves ugly to fish for compliments. A maren will also milk a bad situation for all the attention they can get.
Kayla's dad died yesterday; she is being a total maren.
by Dick Maximus April 10, 2015

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