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The sun god that lives inside me. Marduk: Son of Ea. Slayer of Tiamat. Marduk totally rules.
He totally does.
by Stick May 24, 2004
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very cool metal band.
my favorite song:
Christraping Black Metal!!!!!!
by onelung02 November 22, 2004
a verb, to marduk someone is to break their face. originates from craig marduk of tekken's opening for fights in which he says "I'll break your face!"
"dawg if he doesnt leave me alone, ima go all marduk up on that ho"
by mellishkimo7 April 22, 2009
1. A popular black/ death metal band.
2. The mythical sun god of the babylonians.
3. A God from the Necronomicon (Lovecraft.)
1. "Marduk's 'Sex with Satan' RULEZ!!!"
2. "Marduk was routinely worshipped."
3. "Marduk slayed the dragon, and parted him in two, and formed the Earth and sky."
by Tom Warwick October 04, 2007
a good little girl who likes mystery and cream
MARDUK, bring me egg drop soup!
by JUYY February 08, 2009

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