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one of the worlds top death metal bands. People love to bash these guys, but they are just scared of the lyrics involved.
Matt: So, do you like Cannibal Corpse?

Some Moron: No, they offend me because I can't take anything harder then Metallica.

Matt: You suck. CC beats fucks like you up just for fun. Go listen to some non metal and cry about your shitty life.
by onelung02 November 21, 2004
very cool metal band.
my favorite song:
Christraping Black Metal!!!!!!
by onelung02 November 22, 2004
Amazing metal band. Listen to these guys only if you want them to reach through your speakers and go zombie graveyard rape bonanza on you.
I listened to Gorerotted, now I have the strange urge to kill all that cross my path.
by onelung02 November 21, 2004
someone who doesn't know anything about linux, in my opinion.
I think that I know something about linux, but I get proving wrong so I just throw out the first thing that I can say.
In my opinion.
by onelung02 November 22, 2004
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