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an amazing chick who is a great leader. every girl wishes she could be just like mardi. people are lucky if she even knows their name. she is sweet, nice and pretty. she can be a bitch if she has to. she takes no shit from anybody. she is a great friend and very dependable. she has the very best personality. everybody loves mardi.
mardi is the best person you will ever meet.
by --ittakesabitch-toknowabitch-- November 29, 2011
A Mardi is a usually tall, somewhat voluptuous woman, her eyes are very intense and change according to mood. Although, not much else will show on her face accept for her commitment to her purpose in life. Mardi's are cute and fun loving and have amazing smiles. Beware the one that you've rubbed the wrong way. They are loyal and true friends..but do not mistake their kindness for weakness.
Me: "Isn't that new girl, amazing?"
Friend: "Yeah, she's alright."
Me: "Man, she's a total Mardi, I think it could work!
by SparkleBabycakes June 21, 2013
A South Yorkshire word to describe a miserable piece of shit who is sulking...usually a fag
"stop sulking you mardi bastard"
by steve1968 September 27, 2007
when someone is angry and cross, they are mardi.
SARAH: miss always gives me detentions and i h8 her, i also hate you cuz you never stick up for me!
SAM: alrite, no need to get in a MARDI!
by emily October 18, 2004