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mar-di-ge-rous (mardijeres)
adj. 1. To be random or nonsensical by virtue of being cracked out of one's face;not making any sense;ridiculous.
2. Containing reference to, or under the influence of drugs.

Roots: French, Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday

Coined by: Marty
Defined By: After School Squad
"Those clothes are mardigerous."

"You're being mardigerous right now."

"Oh, man. I am so mardigerous right now. I've got no idea what's goin' on."
by Will of After School Squad December 22, 2005
9 0

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Created by a person baked out of his skull via crack. Mardigerous has no meaning and is simply used to confuse people. It's used as an adjective.
Dude, why are you so mardigerous?
by Zero One Six Four November 20, 2004
3 10