a german boy with a tiny schnitzel and likes to eat nutella on everything. He thinks he can drink but all he does is sit in the back and drink smirnoffs and talk about getting barrelled on the waves. He tries to get girls but the german accent is cutting it. Most girls dont even pay attention to him so he just jacks off in his room to battlefield 3
That ]marc] kid drinks like a pussayy.
i feel like jacking off so im gonna pull a marc
I wanna get so barrelled brehh on some 1 foot waves like marc
by kjhgkjdnhgkjdhgkjnhdfkjghjdfhg November 02, 2011
A manwhore and a major douchebag who spins stories to get girls to like him. Sounds all innocent, so full of good intent, expecting all girls to run off into his delusional sunset with him. When caught, he takes the blame and places it on you.
Don't be a Marc, no one likes that behavior
by morallycorrect April 28, 2011
tulley klines dad who is the biggest fuckin spaz eva
yo u is a marc
by danksmoker/basketballpoker July 10, 2010
A man of common hillbillish origin. A man who wont amount to much as others considers himself as trash. Will usually marry women of same background. He is not loyal and will cheat. He will constantly look for affection elsewhere but to no results. A common man of no importance. Good for working as a garbage man. Lacks charm and smarts. Always in his own world.
that girl is stupid trash, well look at what she has, a marc!
by fran56 February 04, 2010
of or pertaining to the African-American male who exemplifies everything related to the black race like: eating watermelon, drinking kool-aid, "living the trap life", being good at hoopin', not working, etc. a.k.a a "mane"
Why won't this Marc take our order when we walk through the Wendy's drive-thru?
by the jackson million December 12, 2009
A little boy, usually with blonde hair and blue eyes, short, nicknamed kitty kat with a desire for baseball. Extremely dedicated to girls enough to the point to be considered a lap dog, or overly obsessive in a good way. reminds people of moose, and can only obsess on one thing at a time.
stewart: i used to be friends with marc.

martha: what happened?

stewart: he fell in love with a girl and now im nothing but garbage left on the side of the road to him.

martha: what about the girl?

stewart: they are in love and thats all he talks about...

by Jedeeca July 10, 2008
A group of gay South Africans
Mate, did you encounter the Marc community in San Fransisco?
by Ping Xiao April 11, 2006
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