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Marc defines a real man ;)
.marccccc :)
by lisssssy (: May 29, 2009
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is the French form of Mark. In Latin the name is associated with Mars, the god of war.

Most Marcs have blue eyes and light hair and are absolutely beautiful.

Most Marcs like to have a lot of people around them so as not to feel lonely.

Most Marcs know how to get the ladies.

Marc is very different from Mark.
When is Marc not dating someone?

Boy is he pretty.
by graffitipoets August 03, 2009
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Usually an amazing,funny,sweet,attractive,cool boy. Usually good as a boyfriend or even a bestfriend.Marc's are boys that every girl wishes they had and the girl that has him is very lucky and all the girls that don't are jealous.He is very fun to talk to and will stay up all hours of the night text messaging.A guy that every girl wishes he had and likes girls named Marissa.
person 1:wow that guy was super nice
person 2: oh yeah that was Marc they're always nice
by Marissa=) April 03, 2010
226 118
Marc is a name given only to the best. Marcs' don't come along often and when they do hold onto them, because you wont find someone who you love as much as you love him. A boy as gentle, and loving, and kind, who is the only person who you hate because every time you fall apart he makes you laugh and smile again. When life is letting you down he is the one who will always be there by your side. He holds your secrets and you heart and loves you like no other. Above all and treats you like he oughta. He always reminds you that chivalry is not dead. Marc is a teenager but is so mature, he has a good head on his shoulders and knows what’s up. The thing about Marc is that he is the thing you hold dearest to you, his eyes are deep, and his face is sweet, and his smile melts your heart. When he holds you never want to let go. On the outside he is simple and it seems like there isn't much to him. But on further inspection you find that there is more to him then you let alone anyone else will ever know and ever understand. You can read him like a book and you know that he can do the same, he is your best friend in the world and knows you like no other. Although you don't always have something new to say he is the only person who you can simply love the silence. You say Always and he says Forever, don't lose sight of the things that matter most. If you have had the honor to meet such a boy hold onto him for dear life because you will never find another.
Man that guy is so awesome, his name must be Marc!
by Ikke Kjopt December 08, 2012
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remedy to a migrane.
after talking to marc my migrane went away
by beckylouhu February 13, 2010
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Pedophile extraordinaire. Strong, masculine build, yet soft and friendly in appearance to lure small children. Prefers children under the age of eight, but will occasionally make exceptions for the tender ones.

Along with a magnificent talent for video games, Marc is the coolest out of all of his friends. They wish they could have the same natural wit that Marc has, and are grateful for his friendship.

He does not enjoy being pinched in the nipples.

Marc is such a gorgeous work of art, his charm can turn anything into solid gold with just a glance of his starling eyes. Even Jesus would shed a tear thinking about Marc's flawless body.

He is also genetically superior to Rand.
Chris: Whoa, look, Marc just walked by... That sexy beast.

Nathan: Holy shit, I'd kill myself just to have him notice me. His body is like a work of perfection.

Rand: I know, he's so cool and popular, I wish I could be just like him.
by Ferret Tamer December 05, 2010
109 100
May come of as a bit cocky, conceded, arrogant, annoying and obnoxious, but usually is an act. As much as he blabs about how he gets bitches and how big his penis is, he really isn't anything like that. He talks a lot of crap but truly he is just acting like that because he has been hurt before and doesn't want to be hurt again. He is a very closed person and is very soft and doesn't like to show his weak side. He puts up that persona and usually he has a few very close friends that can see through it. Only the people who can see the other side of a Marc are really special to him. they really are sensitive, observant, understanding, smart (usually in math), attractive, and funny and once you have really gotten to know a Marc then you will see how much of a great person they really are.
You really have to get to know Marc, you can't read the book by it's cover with this one.
by thehappiestcamperofthemall February 04, 2012
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