Pedophile extraordinaire. Strong, masculine build, yet soft and friendly in appearance to lure small children. Prefers children under the age of eight, but will occasionally make exceptions for the tender ones.

Along with a magnificent talent for video games, Marc is the coolest out of all of his friends. They wish they could have the same natural wit that Marc has, and are grateful for his friendship.

He does not enjoy being pinched in the nipples.

Marc is such a gorgeous work of art, his charm can turn anything into solid gold with just a glance of his starling eyes. Even Jesus would shed a tear thinking about Marc's flawless body.

He is also genetically superior to Rand.
Chris: Whoa, look, Marc just walked by... That sexy beast.

Nathan: Holy shit, I'd kill myself just to have him notice me. His body is like a work of perfection.

Rand: I know, he's so cool and popular, I wish I could be just like him.
by Ferret Tamer December 05, 2010
Perfect guy for almost any girl.
Prefers to date girls who's name starts with any letter from A to G.
Will be your long-term friend.
Loves music.
If white: A snowboarder.
If black: A skateboarder.
Wears skinny jeans.
Refuses to cut own hair.
Really creative.
Writes/Plays music.
Great future ahead.
Plays basketball and soccer.
Girls love him.
Really fun.
I love my boyfriend, he's so Marc.

I wish he was Marc like you.
by UrbanOfficial December 19, 2013
a nice hot sexy boy with spikey hair and is obbssesed with motorboating and spooning into big boobs but overall he is the best person you could ever get
person A who is that hot boy

person B oh cant u tell that's marc
by hotbabe1424 September 24, 2011
A black man who is obsessed with anime and Japanese culture. Especially ones that obscure World War II and have to do with anything war related in particular.
Guy 1: "Marc's watching Strike Witches and Kantai Collection. He keeps saying his wife is a war ship."
Guy 2: "Yea that's so Marc."
by SwagMasterRyan November 20, 2014
Big prick that has a chode! Sucks cock and likes it up the ass, he has one pubic hair and is a big bender he has no skills he is just a shit fuck! Shits in a sock leaves it til hard then shoves it up his are!!
Marc has an asshole of 20cm
by Mamamamamamjana September 13, 2014
A big ass boy who acts like a little bitch. He likes to throw temper tantrums and act like a giant baby when he doesnt get what he wants. Maybe his gf would hang out with him more if he didnt act like such a limp dick.
hey can u move over so im not stepping in a pile of fire ants?

Marc: mehhh let me fold my arms, huff and act like a baby
by #growthefuckupandbeaman December 29, 2011
a german boy with a tiny schnitzel and likes to eat nutella on everything. He thinks he can drink but all he does is sit in the back and drink smirnoffs and talk about getting barrelled on the waves. He tries to get girls but the german accent is cutting it. Most girls dont even pay attention to him so he just jacks off in his room to battlefield 3
That ]marc] kid drinks like a pussayy.
i feel like jacking off so im gonna pull a marc
I wanna get so barrelled brehh on some 1 foot waves like marc
by kjhgkjdnhgkjdhgkjnhdfkjghjdfhg November 02, 2011

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