Marapets, where to begin....A popular virtual petsite, mainly because how horribly its run.
Lets start with staff
Overpowered, lazy, don't care. A few words to describe them. And seven active staff members to run over 2000 members a day. worthless. Forums aren't watched, and a rule is broken on every board. But they don't care. They ignore it, I've been told myself by a staff member "if to many forums get reported, we just delete them all lol"
Now originality.
Can you say neopets? Yeah, basically everything is based of neo because the retarded fag running the site has no imagination. Have you seen how many fairys there are? Screams neo. And the graphics, constantly changing style.
Pornographic, and nude adds are normal to see, not much else to say there.
I already said help from staff is not possible, so how about talking to the owner? Not gonna happen either. I sent an email two years ago and still haven't gotten an answer. He probably just ignores them. All he does is realease account upgrades and go on vacation with the money people spend on the site.
Speaking of Account Upgrades.
There all fairy, which is a rip off of neo. Anybody who buys one is immune to being banned or getting in trouble because you just helped the owner pay for his next vacation.
Things come out when they aren't even finished. And they always "glitch" that just means the lazy ass mother fucker running the site didn't finish coding it, but wants members to stick around so he half ass realeses it anyway. Things "promised" two years ago still haven't began. Buts thats because it doesn't earn him money so he doesn't care.
13 and under.
You supposedly have to be 13 and over to use communication, but kids well under 10 are always playing on the forums and talking to people. Exposing them to porno adds is going to get him a legal case.
I hope that bastard gets sued, and burns in hell.

The owner of marapets is the biggest waste of sperm and egg. The best part of him ran down his mother's leg!
Marapets is horrible
by MPetsplayer April 20, 2009
The world's most prick filled pet site on the face of the planet. Ran by idiots who are trying to make a living being copiers of other sites worth a damn.
I was banned from marapets for speaking a different language on the forums!
by Miss Honesty June 07, 2011
A site that started out wonderfully that now is dropping popularity and fun. It's a horrible copycat site, after a few years of my onlooking and realization. Neopets isn't good, neither is marapets. When will someone come out with a decent, non greedy site?!?!
And here is a truth. Mara, in japanese, is a term for penis.
So feel free to call this site penispets!
Marapets blows.
by Mine Oss Tu Welv. November 24, 2009
What used to be a good site, has turned into a disaster. I used to tell myself they aren't a rip off of neo, but they are. It's like when mara comes out with something "new" it looks just like something from neo. Like Codestones on Mara are exactlly like secret stones on Neo. The staff members don't give a damn about the site what so ever, and the owner surely doesn't either. As long as he's getting Account Upgrade money that can take him on vacations, hes keeping the site. The forums are starting to turn perverted, even though this is mainly a childs website, which will eventually end up in a lawsuit from a parent. There is no point in the rules as nobody enforces them. And there are gliches ALL the time, don't think this is a reliable site. I mean, Mara-Halloween Came in November, because evidentlly his WHOLE ENTIRE team was sick. Oh please. Theres always an excuse, and never progress, never play on here.
Marapets used to be a good site, until the owner stopped being interested in running it, and more interested in spending the sites profits on himself.
by BoredMaraMember December 29, 2008
A stupid copycat of Neopets. Although many will disagree, you really must listen closely.

First of all, Marapets copied Tombola. They should be sued.

Second of all, the Marapet homepage is completely filled up with crap. The Neopets homepage has the ads on the top and bottom, not midway into the page like Marapets.

Secondly, Marapets completely screwed up their game.They add ugly little manga drawings to depict their games such as dress up, which shows a Paris Hilton lookalike doing her makeup.

Thirdly, compared to Neopets, it doesn't compare. Neopets shows variety while Marapets unsuccessfully mushes up Marapets and yourself into the game and it simply comes out as craptasticlar crap.

Fourthly, Marapets fans claim that Neopets forces you to pay. They DON'T force you to pay. It's the people's choices. Blame the people. I play Neopets and I sure as hell don't pay, and I am not thinking of doing it anytime soon.
"I played Marapets today! Oh geez, how awful is that game?"
by CrazyGaga May 10, 2009
A crappy game copying a crappy game. Basically it's like neo pets but way more disturbing...inside out skin is available yep really inside out. How can the gay 17 year old that runs the site possibly think that's ok!
Marapets user: omg! I got my Marapet a inside out costume!
Normal guy:get a life
by Epic guy January 27, 2013
Marapets is a HORRID game.
They steal and claim it is theirs.
And they'll even let children on adult forums because they spent 3 bucks for an adult forums certificate.

It has stolen Spoink from pokemn and made it into a ZOINK. Same with other neopets.

Marapets copied neopets to begin with and it started pretty fun but now they've got new users on and it's backbreaking. It's infiltrated with noobs and noone can restock there unless you're god.

Plus they'll freeze you for playing on other computers and saying things like "Someone talked to me about sexual intercourses," And you go "WHOOPEEE!!! BAI BAI!!!" instead of the person who harassed you.

In conclusion...
Marapets sucks.
Neopets is much better!
"I love cock!" said Ian, the owner of marapets.
by Marafailedhard June 19, 2009
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