A cheap imitation to the hugely popular Neopets. Instead of painting your pets colours such as island, fire and faerie, you dress them up in costumes to make them look obese, old or like a clown. (those are actual costume types) Filled with budget graphics and rediculous places to explore like 'Gigantic Paradise', 'City', 'Biala' and 'Puchala'.
Neopets: Wow! now i have a starry cow!
Marapets: Wow! know i have a fat cow!
by Screaming_Hippo September 07, 2006
The worst possible cheap imitation of Neopets. Marapets has an incredibly slow server and pathetic imitations of other sites (mainly neopets). The majoratory of the features (if not all) are stolen from other websites. They deserve to be sued by all the websites they have stolen
Copied Marapets items from Neopets:
Meerca Chase = Murfin Chase
Secret Laboratory ray = Secret Portal
Paint Brushes = Costumes
by Levkovski October 19, 2006
A site copying a crappy site...I never knew you could actually get that low....
*snickering at marapets* What a gay site...
by DudeWho'sJustABitNuts August 08, 2006
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