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8 definitions by Akanksha

It's one of the most beautiful languages in India and is spoken by Andhrites (people of Andhra Pradesh). Some of the dickheads here either don't know Telugu or are suckers. Anyway, Telugu is a really nice language when spoken the right way with the right emphasis for each letter. It can also sound soft (unless the voice is really rough or hoarse) and it can really convey many emotions 'coz it's got a lot of vocabulary as well. I'm proud to be an Andhrite. xD
English: What's your name?
Telugu: Nee peru emiti?
by Akanksha May 16, 2008
93 37
It's a site which looks like a rip-off from Neopets, but is MUCH, MUCH better than Neo. It's a lot less crowded, with better graphics. You can have more pets, play more, chat more, earn more and enjoy more. It's not as strict as Neopets and has a team which really tends to take notice of users' complaints or whatever. It's good. I especially love cracking the eggs and getting good fonts!
Tired of Neopets? Try Marapets - it's much more funner!
by Akanksha May 20, 2008
139 93
THE ultimate music director in India - he's graduated from Trinity Music College in London (something that's new to Indians) and has a rich sense of orchestration. His first film "Roja" was a box office smasher and he went on to become a busy music director. His songs from movies like "Boys", "Bombay", "Yuva", "Nani", "Rang De Basanti" etc are only a few of the wonderful songs that he's given to Indians. WTG ARR!
To listen to A R Rehman's songs, visit any Indian music site (not sure if I can post the link here). He rocks.
by Akanksha May 16, 2008
23 4
The thing we all have towards the Net - you know, not being able to get your bum off the couch in front of the laptop?
"Addiction is harmful"
Thief *pointing his gun at the baby*: Quick, hand over the laptop!
Mother: Take my baby!! Please leave me and my laptop alone!
by Akanksha May 16, 2008
56 41
The site that sucks big time for all the reasons that others mentioned
User2: HA, lyk u dint got d faerie doll avie yet, i hav it!!
User1: :(
Anti-Neopian: Losers.
So guys, please don't visit Neopets. Ever.
by Akanksha May 16, 2008
22 10
A bitch who's totally out of pitch - and hey, that rhymes.
"Uh ohh - if you want me to stay, I'll never leave.."
Bullshit. Lumidee makes my ears bleed. Aargh.
by Akanksha May 16, 2008
15 18
(1) One of the things that keeps me thriving
(2) Richie Rich's butler is named Cadbury. Suhweet.
(3) Cadbury has a really nice font which I managed to imitate
Cadbury is the definition for sweetness
by Akanksha May 16, 2008
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