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To use MapQuest to find directions to a location, usually someone's house.
Hold up, brah, I need to mapquest that chick's house before we go.
by MoonKnight March 16, 2003
A incredibly unreliable website to get incorrect directions from.
Thanks to Mapquest I'm now lost somewhere in New Jersey...and I was just trying to get some directions to the house down the street.
by Nick July 25, 2003
Verb; the action of getting directions from
Let me get your address so I can Mapquest it.

by afamouskiss November 04, 2006
V. or N.
1.The action of looking up where one lives online.

2.Website used to look up locations and directions to a number of places
1.Ok, gimme a minute to mapquest you then I'll be on my way.

2.Hey before we go lemme me go to Mapquest and get directions
by The Spirit November 29, 2008
n., v.t.- A sexual act that involves penetration of the Mouth, Anus, and Pussy; usually in said order.
Guy 1: Wow did you see that girl at the stripclub?

Guy 2: Yeah but looks like she's had one too many MAPquests.
by tom wilkersonfurter August 12, 2009
a site where you can find where ppl live and where a pace is. i'm not sure but its probally a stalker's paradise.
girl 1: you goin to Frankie's on Saturday?
girl 2: yeah i just gotta find where he lives
girl 1: Just go to Mapquest for directions
by Kat May 13, 2004
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