People of New Zealand that are not "Once Were Warriors" stereotypes, one of the many cultures within New Zealand.
"Kia ora koutou"
"Haere Mai"
by Anonymous March 01, 2005
A proud race of warriors From Aotearoa
European:Look That man is Destroying our army with a stick when we have guns
European2:well of course he is. he is maori. lets run im scared
by Jeremy. December 05, 2007
Maori are the native people of New Zealand. The the people who posted the first few definitions have really shown are un-intelligent and racist they are. For example, the Mori Ori were not here before the Maori. They were a group of mainland Maori who migrated to the chatham islands. The first definition is exceedingly stupid. If someone was 1/800th Maori, that would make them way more Pakeha (Non-Maori) than Maori. So, infact, it would not be a Maori trying to get conpensation from the government, it would be some white trash Pakeha trying to rip off the system by claiming they were 1/800th Maori. I believed I have summed up the sheer idiocy of the first few definitions. And no, I am not a Maori I am not one bit Maori. I am a Pakeha that actually has a functioning brain.
Porangi Pakeha: the maarees aren't the native people of new zealand anyway

Porangi Pakeha: there are no white people people in prisons

And for all you 'porangi pakeha' out there- Porangi means stupid in Maori. Pakeha means white people- I know this may be news to you, but Pakeha is not a derogatory word.
by pakeha September 12, 2006
The Indigenous ethnicity of New Zealand. Colonised by the British from the 1760s onward, they have been politically, economically and socially marginalised. This is marginilisation is perpetuated by institutionalised racist views such as the first five entries of the term 'Maori' in UrbanDictionary, (those people should get a life - we are all human beings here,stop being so God Damn racist, if you hate us so much than leave NZ) Maori have a very distinct culture, and their values on law and living are almost contradictory to that of the colonisers. Maori have communal and collective way of life as opposed to the western ideology of every man for himself. The Treaty of Waitangi (ceding of sovereignty) in 1840 was signed in two different versions, between Maori and the Crown. The different versions are the basis for Maori and Pakeha conlict in the present day - they each imply something different. Ancient Maori were exceptional seafarers, navigators and astrologers, originating in south east asia, and travelling by canoe (waka) through the Pacific Islands (Tahiti and the Cook Islands) through to New Zealand 1700 years ago. Colonisation and loss of land bought along a substantial economic loss.
Maori are to New Zealand, what Aborigine are to Australia. We are not greedy, or parasitic, and the person who stated that most certainly has a small penis, as degrading others is usually a means by which to cover up self imperfections, usually to do with having a missing ballsack or small dick.
by Miss Sham October 16, 2005
The proud, indigenous people of New Zealand who unfortunately are the victims of the idiotic reasonings of many a misinformed Pakeha. Many Pakeha unfortunately lack any comprehension of the treaty or the numerous misappropriations of the treaty by the crown after 1840 and unfortunately continue to violate the treaty to this day. Many seem to erroneously believe that Maori gave away all their land, when in actual fact tha vast majority of it was stolen, as anyone who has studied history on 1840-plus history will know, the "confiscation" of land by the crown to fund wars ironically on land owners in the King Country region. Many Pakeha (white people) are jealous of the Maori culture as they have no culture of their own, considering their ancestors were mostly illiterate and were dregs of European society in their homelands.
"I'm a dumb redneck National voter who likes to bitch and moan about them Maoris whilst ignoring the numerous injustices against the various iwi by the crown over the last 166 years because I'm a smelly jealous loser with no sense of culture and I'm jealous of those who have culture, including any indigenous peoples that live here!"
by JimBobbabbalabby October 04, 2006
the indigenous folk of this proud country NEW ZEALAND.
by Brother Number One June 27, 2003
Maoris are hella cool people who are the pride and joy of new zealand. Through years of evolution they have gained super human powers.
that guy must be a maori as he is hella cool and has hella cool super powers
by jeremy763789 June 23, 2006

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