A mantrum is a tantrum which, quite similar to a small child, is when a man (who thinks he's intimidating but is really just really fat and completely arrogant) doesn't get his way.
Not unlike a child who has a tantrum over spilt milk, a mantrum is when a grown adult cries over a vehicle that was lost because of repossession because he doesn't pay the note, or when a man cries because his wife left him for a woman. It's when a grown man is being weepy because he's lost control over everything he's fought so hard to control and feels it necessary to cry on the floor, like a bitty child in the market, to get his way.
by yourlife sucks July 08, 2013
Top Definition
when a grown man throws a tantrum when he can't have his way.
Rick had a mantrum when he found out he couldn't have McDonald's for dinner
Being irrational and angry for no reason, and throwing a male tantrum...as only a man can.
John couldn't lift his television by himself, so he threw a mantrum and then the TV into the dumpster.
by Doorman Diaries July 28, 2008
A man having a tantrum or a sizable fit over a minor thing. "Man"-"Tantrum"
Server #1:"Dude you need to chill man...."
Guy: "Whoa, what's gotten him in a mantrum..."
by KAMIKAZEBEOTCH May 29, 2009
A long, boring drawn out expression of rage the human male expresses when he notices that life and the world didn't give him what he deserves, such as the perfect career, car, life, etc. Sometimes starts as young as 25, generally crops up when the late 30s are reached - either expressed in annoying (to women) outbursts of rage and self-pity or (equally annoying to women) a red convertible.

See: making an ass of oneself.
"When Ronnie reached the age of 45, he realized that he wasn't going to be a rock star genius super hero fireman with six pack abs and thick, curly hair, so after raging at the people around him for what he didn't have instead of appreciating what he did have (a paid for house, a dog that loved him, a wife and kids who worshiped him, and an IRA), Ronnie threw a mantrum: he divorced his wife, bought an expensive toupee, a corset, a red sports car, and a barely legal blonde."
by oone July 14, 2009
Term used to minimize or "cutify" a man's rage or make an excuse for a full grown man who behaves like a tantrum-throwing child.
She called it a mantrum, but he was really raging full-on with abusive behavior; she ain't seeing what's real!
by callin'itreal October 30, 2009
When a grown ass man decides to throw a temper tantrum.
Girl, what's up with Chris tonight?

Girl, you know he has these mantrums from time to time. Just buy him a cookie, maybe he'll stop.
by qmillionaire November 09, 2011
When a grown ass man throws a full-on temper tantrum.
Did you see our coworker Sam have a complete melt down? He was throwing a mantrum.
by ShaggySteve January 23, 2013
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