A mantrum is a tantrum which, quite similar to a small child, is when a man (who thinks he's intimidating but is really just really fat and completely arrogant) doesn't get his way.
Not unlike a child who has a tantrum over spilt milk, a mantrum is when a grown adult cries over a vehicle that was lost because of repossession because he doesn't pay the note, or when a man cries because his wife left him for a woman. It's when a grown man is being weepy because he's lost control over everything he's fought so hard to control and feels it necessary to cry on the floor, like a bitty child in the market, to get his way.
by yourlife sucks July 08, 2013
When a grown man throws the adult equivalent of a temper tantrum when they either are not getting their way, people do not agree with them, or to avoid attention to wrongs they have done/flaws etc.
"Karl" threw a mantrum when his wife reminded him to take out the garbage a second time to redirect the focus off what he failed to do. While he did not fall to the floor in a full blown fit, his mantrum consisted of pointing out something negative about his wife to redirect attention off of himself.
by Rooster Cog-Burn December 16, 2012
any time a man gets pissed, possibly hitting things, then wants to make up by getting his dick wet.
Jon threw a mantrum after finding out his wife was busy. An hour later, his offer of sex was rejected.
by saxyberry November 20, 2011
Derived from the English words "man" and "tantrum" Mantrum is the level of tantrum that a man has when his wife or partner organizes a social event that coincides with a major sporting event.
My husband had a mantrum when I told him that we were going to a BBQ in the park the same day the Formula 1 is being televised live
by LovingTheWords March 21, 2011
Stressed melt-down experienced only by the male species, alcohol is often involved
"Oh god we really need to be getting back on the bus, smack Steve out of his mantrum please!"
by Ywoodi67 August 31, 2015
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