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Male version of mistress
Lori caught her husband in bed with his mistress. So now she found herself a mantress to let husband catch her!
by joseph gordon April 16, 2008
18 12
A mattress composed of one or more human males stacked together.
We were so drunk that we didn't realize that we fell asleep on the mantress
by rawrmonster February 02, 2009
19 9
Human person come mattress.

A human person that sleeps all day instead of partying with the crew.
While I was having the time of my life on holidays my friend was happier to be a mantress
by Wilfma June 15, 2009
4 2
The male equivalent of a mistress.
Bored in her marriage, Sara took up with her mantress for comfort.
by Sarafg December 13, 2011
1 0