Panties made for a Man ("MAN"ties).

Descernable from the ubiquitious tighty whities in; ONE- rarely found in white, other colours dominating (eg. Blue, yellow, orange); Two- Lacking in the upside down "Y" slot used for peeing without removal of the garment (though for the life of me I cannot understand why someone would bend it that way); Three- "scrunchy-like" waist and leg bands, not exterior elastic bands.
Well sir, if your looking for relaxed, boxers; support, briefs; but if you just have to feel pretty i would suggest the manties.
by MJAGM September 19, 2005
Top Definition
also known as man panties
After a wonderful night with her husband, his manties were lying on the floor in a bunch.
by susan palvo April 29, 2006
MANties -- Panties made for Men
I won't wear womens panties, but I will wear manties
by susan September 21, 2003
Male panties. For the progressive man or your everyday cross dresser.
"I'm wearing my new manties today, and I'm chafing hardcore bro!", or "Dude, is my mantie line showing", or "I forgot my swim trunks, I'll just wear my manties in the pool"
by Jermaine90210 January 15, 2010
The male equivalent of women's panties.
He flounced through the house in his blue manties on his day off.
by Violet Cho June 12, 2009
Specific to the species Jojo, these fancy underoos give your 'package' great form.
"Your package looks exquisite in those manties my good sir."
by Fooey April 05, 2007
Abbreviation of mantrum. When a grown man throws a tantrum or tanty
Nathaniel threw a manty when he couldn't find his friends at the festival.
by Eski Pie December 10, 2008
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