a drink that only a true man will drink consisting of a guys cum and a girls vaginal secretions added with some ice cream that will surely leaving you full and aids positive. also known as the "giz drink"
oh damn that guy just drank some of my manshake

dude, that is DISGUSTING

hey but he's a man now
by shaneisCHAOS December 12, 2007
Manshake (v)

The shaking of hands between to males with the left hand, because only god knows what all *activities* guys do with their right hand.
Caleb and I greeted each other with a manshake; leaving both of us without the feeling to immediately wash our hands.
by .Nick October 11, 2007
a protein shake guys drink to become "tough"
Jamie, you should drink your manshake because you are weak.
by Jamie and Rachel November 25, 2005
What spews forth from one man's "Power Wand"
Dude, you got covered in manshake.
by Anus August 29, 2003
An action where two men grasp their own genitals, remove hands from their pants, and shake another willing participants hand, firmly and steadily.
After the game, Jim and Bob had a hardcore manshake without washing their hands afterwords.
by savingdaylight April 19, 2009
An act similar to that of a handshake, only the participants do not clasp wrists tightly, instead grabbing a firm hold of the other's bicep in the most manly and bonecrushing yet warm and reassuring grip.
"Dude I still have finger marks all across my bicep! Arnold sure can give a good manshake."
by alex1625 June 09, 2008
The act of a man being greeted by a woman except instead of shaking his hand she goes right for his penis for a right-friendly shake

the manshake
as i walked up to her i realized that it was not my hand she was about to shake vigorously...but that was alright with me, it had been a while since my last manshake anyways
by yarrrh August 19, 2008

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