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A comprehensive tome of reference and learning on how to be manly. For some, manliness doesn't always come naturally, and the Mansaurus is an essential guide on how to behave in a manly fashion, use manly words spoken in a deep manly voice, and use one's body language to show how manly one is. Many famous manly celebrities allegedly have a copy tucked away including Chuck Norris, Daniel Craig, Russell Crowe, Madonna, Pink, and Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas.
"Daa, I knew I was in love with her da moment I saw her Mansaurus fall out of her manbag as she lifted her leg to fart"
- Sylvester Stallone reflecting on his marriage to Brigitte Nielsen
by aaaaajon January 01, 2012
Descriptive of an otherwise MANLY man suffering a period of GIRLY behaviour when his manliness is challenged by other MANLY men... thus provoking the suspicion that he may not be very MANLY at all.
*At the gym*

"Hey AJ, why did Billy just punch the wall, throw the contents of his locker around the room, and run outta the room screaming?"

"I dunno Matty... all I said was that he was lookin' a little outta shape and should maybe work out a little harder"

"Wow!... I aint never seen Mansterics that bad before. Guess he must be on his Manstrual Cycle
by aaaaajon January 14, 2012
To shake the drops off after urinating in one single shake.
Only real men can do this, although two shakes is acceptably manly in private. Three or more and you're masturbating, which is not a manly thing to be doing in private OR public.
Johnboy Walton:

Don't cry BillyJimBob, I know you loved Ellie May, but I could tell from MattBob's Manshake that he deserved her better. One shake was all it took, and I was watchin' his pants for a wet stain all mornin'.
by aaaaajon December 29, 2011

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