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Single handedly the greatest action on the face of the earth. Arch enemy Brian Shaw.
The day in mine shaw the day is mine. HHAHAHAHHAHA ps. ur mothers a whore HAHAHAhAH
by bigdx September 05, 2003
a person who lacks proper hygene and is "allergic" to deoderent and most likely is over the weight of 350lbs.
Hey raymoondo, seen Welch?
by Bigdx August 12, 2003
Real Men Agaisnt Hippies. NO plant loven tridye wearing peace marchers are allowed. Join its awsome
I hate hippies they are a waste of space.
by bigdx September 05, 2003
A tampon for men that goes into the anus to absorb the sweat.
Dont play basketball with out a manpon
by bigdx September 06, 2003
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