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An extremely gay man. One who stalks the night nearly crippled with an uncontrollable thirst for cock. Tends to wear all black so any light colored "stains" after the "feeding" can be seen and wiped away.
" Dude, stay in the car this is Chelsea bro, the manpires rule the night here."
by Figueiredo September 06, 2007
A very sexy male vampire; more sexy than the average vampire.
In the movie Interview With the Vampire, Brad Pitt plays a sexy manpire who sets fire to my loins.
by stumbles mcgee August 18, 2010
"Steve is a manpire"
by Yason Stayton September 07, 2008
a psuedo- preternatural being, particularly a male, who is exceedingly creepy and makes one feel uncomfortable. Often marked by pale, clammy skin and dark under-eye circles that resemble those of a vampire, and a tendency for sexual deviations (such as incest). Often the main villain of a movie, novel, or television show.

See 'Creeper'.
Commodus from Gladiator, The Phantom of the Opera, Hannibal, and Count Olaf from a Series of Unfortunate Events are all prime examples of Manpires in their various degrees.
by Katie Holloway December 17, 2007
A male vampire, often bearing a unibrow, glasses, pimples, and sexy. This problem can be solved by calling a Manpire Slayer named Shaniqua! :D
Help me, I have a MANPIRE problem~~!!!!
by Shannon VEESZ May 17, 2007
a bad mofo, extremely masculine in nature, that feeds on the necks of beautiful women; often leaving them with abrasions, bruising and tooth marks.
you said you were lookin for trouble. that's what you get for messin' with this manpire.
by god dAn it July 30, 2006
If a female is getting eaten out by someone on her period
Hey bro this chick i was with last night i was all Manpire on her
by Manpire February 18, 2015

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