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The Japanese proper name for Lake Man in Okinawa. "Ko" means "lake" in Japanese.
Look at that beautiful Manko!
by Thebudokan June 18, 2007
Noun: Rude Japanese slang for cunt. Used by naughty female language students to book tables in foreign restaurants so that they will be able to have a laugh when the maitre d' calls them to their table.
"Miss Manko, your table is ready."
by Kilkrazy July 01, 2004
A person, place, or thing that blends well with their surrounding; To naturally fit in.
Their backgrounds were different but their views were manko and alike.
by traptcookie March 16, 2011
English: manko is someone who don't have one leg.
Portuguese: manko eh alguem ki nao tem perna porra! =D mehhhhh sensacional
-you're manko!
-oh, I lost mi leg in a war.

-seu manko!
-cala a boca o fdp, perdi minha perna na gurra véiu...
-manko burro!
by Felipe 2oE #Bozo June 03, 2004