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fat flab roll on the back of a man's head.

similar to a cankle, just in a different location!
Over weight John had shaved his head and that made his mankle even more aparent.
by Hedley and J-Adow March 17, 2010
9 7
Man-Cankles -- a term coined by Kevin Nealon's character Doug Wilson on Showtime's Weeds to describe the Majestic councilmans cankle problem.
"That guy has man-cankles, he has mankles!"
by wessmackey November 06, 2007
32 5
Ankles that are very manly
Ex. 1: Look at Nanol's mankles! She must really work out a lot!

Ex. 2: Hercules must had some super mankles to complete his labors!
by Alsaucy July 28, 2010
30 6
male cankles. cankle; when the calf goes directly to the ankle without muscular tone or definition.
Coach got so fat after retirement that he developed mankles
by r. daniel cohen October 26, 2007
9 3
Short for man-ankle. Usually used in the context of fashion, specifically when referring to the ankles of a man wearing no socks, and pants which are tailored shorter than is traditional. This style is popular among fashion-forward and/or metrosexual men.
When I was walking to class today, I saw a hipster guy in übertight pants, flashing some mankle as he walked.
by CowManCheeseBall June 09, 2014
1 0
a skull so thick it replaces the brain completely, (a solid skull)
i couldnt skull fuck him because he had a mankle
by rapetank2000 August 20, 2009
4 5
Where the ankle is muscly and looks like a cankle but there is no fat making it a mankle (muscly ankle). The exact opposite of a cankle (calfs that roll into ankles).
person 1: OMG you have cankles
person 2: nah i can lift 3 kilo's with those, thier mankles not cankles
by camma January 07, 2010
4 7