verb, adjective, noun

1) To be a 'little off' or queerish.
2) A gay sausage.
3) To physically rape, toss or demolish someone/something.
Today I saw ben stumbling around with his gay lover. What a mankle.

I mankled his candy ass today for trying to steal money from me.

by Jake Vern August 04, 2006
Top Definition
Man-Cankles -- a term coined by Kevin Nealon's character Doug Wilson on Showtime's Weeds to describe the Majestic councilmans cankle problem.
"That guy has man-cankles, he has mankles!"
by wessmackey November 06, 2007
Ankles that are very manly
Ex. 1: Look at Nanol's mankles! She must really work out a lot!

Ex. 2: Hercules must had some super mankles to complete his labors!
by Alsaucy July 28, 2010
male cankles. cankle; when the calf goes directly to the ankle without muscular tone or definition.
Coach got so fat after retirement that he developed mankles
by r. daniel cohen October 26, 2007
Short for man-ankle. Usually used in the context of fashion, specifically when referring to the ankles of a man wearing no socks, and pants which are tailored shorter than is traditional. This style is popular among fashion-forward and/or metrosexual men.
When I was walking to class today, I saw a hipster guy in übertight pants, flashing some mankle as he walked.
by CowManCheeseBall June 09, 2014
fat flab roll on the back of a man's head.

similar to a cankle, just in a different location!
Over weight John had shaved his head and that made his mankle even more aparent.
by Hedley and J-Adow March 17, 2010
a skull so thick it replaces the brain completely, (a solid skull)
i couldnt skull fuck him because he had a mankle
by rapetank2000 August 20, 2009
Where the ankle is muscly and looks like a cankle but there is no fat making it a mankle (muscly ankle). The exact opposite of a cankle (calfs that roll into ankles).
person 1: OMG you have cankles
person 2: nah i can lift 3 kilo's with those, thier mankles not cankles
by camma January 07, 2010
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