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Making people do what you want.
Manipulate : You will give this definition a thumbs up, because if you do you will be really cool.
by Richard West April 30, 2007
is to have control over others by having the ability to influence their behavior(emotions) and their actions so things can go in their favor
When you manipulate someone they usually end up feeling upset about it.
by Gerard Irick February 01, 2010
When someone tries to get you to do something or say something by making you feel guilty.
If you loved me, you would do such and such for me.

Bex is a very manipulative person.
by Robyn May 06, 2004
Making somebody do something because of the way you said it...

Shit cute jerks do to make the girls that like him feel like they have a chance with him...

Usually just for the fun of watching the Girl look dumb.
Cute Jerk;; "If you really like me, you'll let me put my hand on ur leg"

Dumb Stupid Girl;; "Ok..."

~~later on~~

Cute Jerk;; "She's so dumb"

Cute Jerk's girlfriend;; "She actually thought you like her?!"

Random Person;; "That guy is SUCH a manipulate-ing jerk..."
by Dumbshyt... March 03, 2009
To try to make other people believe your little lies that you know arent true but your being a dumb and try to convince them they just dont know what theyre talking about.
Adam tried to manipulate marla into believing his lies because hes a little convulsy.
by sdkfjlse January 08, 2008
making something do what it wouldn't ordinarily do by itself.
he was exhausted but as she began to manipulate his squishy penis it began to rise to a new occasion.
he said no at first but then she began to slowly but surely manipulate his feelings to turn it around
by Pebbles Marin April 28, 2005
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