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A Jeep Wrangler that has had it's bonnet decals fiddled with by a chump so it says "MANGLER" instead of "WRANGLER"

"Hey, did you check out Scud's Mangler?"

"Yeah, what a chump"
by Ruley August 13, 2008
A participant in an all-male variation of the sexual "triangle" position in which two females simultaneously position themselves facing each other over a prostrate man's face and penis while kissing. The term "mangle" is short for "man triangle". The male lying prostrate is referred to as the hypotenuse.
"Andy is one heck of a mangler."
by MacGregDogg September 28, 2006
Defined as magnificent anger
I really like to see more of that mangler today! Your face is filled with mangler....
by tooshy May 18, 2007
simply defined as a dick puller,hoe,mark,trick ass mark,mark ass trick,skip scop skaliwanks and hooly hoes.
look at that chick! MANGLERRRRRRRRRR!
by melgibson March 15, 2008
Someone who is out every other night eating ecstacy. Maybe this person will eat pills for 3 days straight.
Being a mangler is so much fun! I love to get mangled!
by yoke yank May 26, 2006
Nickname for a poor manager. Inspired by "Call Mangler," a nickname for Cisco's terrible Voice over IP software and protocol.
My boss is a complete mangler.
by Ego Kaczynski March 11, 2010
The term Mangler refers to a person who's face is grotesqly horrifying or is rearanged. Normally this happens to retards or inbreds.
Oh crap, Did you see that lady. She was a mangler.

Did you see that guy, he was mangled.
by johnson l October 17, 2006