A Jeep Wrangler that has had it's bonnet decals fiddled with by a chump so it says "MANGLER" instead of "WRANGLER"

"Hey, did you check out Scud's Mangler?"

"Yeah, what a chump"
by Ruley August 13, 2008
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A participant in an all-male variation of the sexual "triangle" position in which two females simultaneously position themselves facing each other over a prostrate man's face and penis while kissing. The term "mangle" is short for "man triangle". The male lying prostrate is referred to as the hypotenuse.
"Andy is one heck of a mangler."
by MacGregDogg September 28, 2006
Defined as magnificent anger
I really like to see more of that mangler today! Your face is filled with mangler....
by tooshy May 18, 2007
simply defined as a dick puller,hoe,mark,trick ass mark,mark ass trick,skip scop skaliwanks and hooly hoes.
look at that chick! MANGLERRRRRRRRRR!
by melgibson March 15, 2008
Nickname for a poor manager. Inspired by "Call Mangler," a nickname for Cisco's terrible Voice over IP software and protocol.
My boss is a complete mangler.
by Ego Kaczynski March 11, 2010
Someone who is out every other night eating ecstacy. Maybe this person will eat pills for 3 days straight.
Being a mangler is so much fun! I love to get mangled!
by yoke yank May 26, 2006
The term Mangler refers to a person who's face is grotesqly horrifying or is rearanged. Normally this happens to retards or inbreds.
Oh crap, Did you see that lady. She was a mangler.

Did you see that guy, he was mangled.
by johnson l October 17, 2006

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