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Someone who scuffs your sneakers and does not appologize.
some trick ass mark dun stepped on my sneakers and poured Morton salt all o'r dem
by Clayton October 18, 2004
377 129
a person who messes around a lot
israel reyes is a trickass mark who can't read
by J-Dizzle September 27, 2004
7 4
1)some crazy nigg named mark whos a crack swindelin, shoe scuffin, man with ganasyphalis
2)when yo cars pimped out and some man drags a key down that shit, scuffs it up, so yo fly ride aint, ho double t no mo'
1)man that trick ass mark got all them STD's from that nasty ho'
2)that trippin crack swindelin fool put a trick ass mark on my ride
by ArticWolf November 08, 2004
46 151