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Something you lose when you go to prison/jail.
Meatwad lost his manginity the first night, but at least he was Hector's bitch from then on out.
by Alex Thompson February 02, 2006
a mans ass virginity
Dude he took your manginity!
Ramos going to take your manginity when you turn 20 dawg!!!
by TUNA Tin Tin January 25, 2009
It's something you lose when any straight guy takes it up the bum from any other guy- straight or gay.
Chris lost his manginity to Andy one drunken night in the back of Volkswagen. Neither of them told their girlfriends about the incident.
by jesswi84 November 11, 2008
The manliest form of man. One must lose some to gain some: lose the virginity gain the manginity. This is said to carry over to the after life with only those who posses the highest form of manliness.
After Chris and his sister got wasted at their home coming game, Chris forced his sister to give him his manginity.
by MaddieG0117 3at m3 November 18, 2014
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