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The act of creating or repairing useful items employing the materials at hand. Mostly practiced by men, it is often criticized by those who aren't able to come up with solutions anywhere near as practical. Common mangineering supplies include duct tape, bailing wire, zip ties, and PVC pipe.
Sally and Tom were stranded in the middle of nowhere because their car wouldn't run. Sally stomped her feet and shouted "Girl Power!", but for some reason it still wouldn't run. Tom used his mangineering skills and fixed the problem with duct tape while Sally rolled her eyes.
by Dalrock November 05, 2010
The art, science or action of half assed problem solving. Exemplifies poor decision making and organizational skills and/or lack of foresight. Most often hastily executed by members of the male population who have no interest in fixing or completing a certain project. To be used in cases where a person delivers a sub-par performance or product.
Angie: Nice headlight, Liz. Just how long do you think that zip tie will hold it together?
Liz: Who knows. That's my husband's mangineering for you.

Joy: I had no idea you could use duct tape for weatherstripping.
Heather: Apparently. You learn all kinds of things when you're married to a mangineer.
by grrrl genius August 25, 2009
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