Glorious inhabitants of one of the United Kingdom's most majestic and cosmoplitan cities. Mancunians are very friendly and welcoming citizens who are unfortunately plagued by dispicable tire thieves from Liverpool, the only crime in Manchester is committed by DIRTY Scousers.
Mancunian: "Hello there, welcome to Manchester, I say- that's a very nice shell suit you have on there"

Scouse Twat: "Eh Eh Calm Down Calm Down give me yer fuckin tires no ye manc twat"
by LiverLover February 09, 2005
Inhabitant of a horrid cesspit of post industrial decay in the north west of England.

The Manc is a abbreviation of the word 'Mancunian' and the term is
derived from the people of Liverpool, most outsiders think the Liverpool-Manchester rivalry is football but its roots go back to the beginning of the industrial revolution which made Liverpool and Manchester two of the richest cities in the world.

Scousers and Mancs have a lot in common, both cities populations are Irish Catholic in descent, a love of football, a love of sports/leisure wear, a tendency not to work and claim benefits from the state, the same weedy, malnourished physique, like Scousers, Mancunians have a well developed sense of superficial friendliness, unlike Scousers, Mancunians are funny and can laugh at themselves -many of the nations greatest comedians are from Manchester and the outlying areas.

Mancunians tend to have a black sense of humour and are loath to take themselves seriously - after 3 IRA bombs - the running joke is that the IRA did them a favour because they got a nice new city centre out of it!

The Mancs tend to sneer at the Scousers self pitying persona and laugh at their persecution complexes.

Manchester is the scene of high inner city depravation, crime and
unemployment. It is a city without a role in the world and
is reliant on football for its identity.

Despite this, unlike their Scouse bretheren, Mancunians do not give a monkeys if you hate their city and think it is a shithole. They like it and thats all that matters. Neither do they care if you decided to voice a stereotype about Manchester - Mancunians tend to adopt a smug, self indulgence about their city, they like living in 'the Venice of the north' and if you don't like it - then sod off back to Liverpool you theiving scouse get!

Manchester is a famous socialist city, a city that is historically tolerant to immigrants and newcomers, it also is home to one of the biggest gay communities in Europe.
Yer deeeeeeerty Manc bastid
by Billy the Wool May 12, 2008
Similar to Scouser but more violent and worst but don't let them tell you otherwise.
Moss side, Salford, greater Manchester
by haha April 09, 2003
An inhabitant of Manchester, a city with a particularly high crime rate due to scousers having stolen everything in their own shithole, (see Liverpool).

Not to be confused with followers of Manchester city, who are known as "bitters", (see Stockport).
Scouser: You're crime rat'es higher than ours you Manc twat
Manc: That's because you go elsewhere on the rob you granny-stabbing doleite
by Jonny December 23, 2003
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