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A fine person who was born in or currently resides in the most majestic city of Manchester.

Unfortunately, they live not 40 miles away from the utter bastard scum of Liverpool but in their brilliance, continue to prosper as the Capital of the North, even if the scousers come up the East Lancs to nick more tyres.
"Yeah I'm Mancunian you scouse cunt? Eh!!! Where you goin? That's right you fucker, run away!"
by LiverLover December 28, 2004
Somebody who was actually born in Manchester or lives in the city.

Manchester United Fans from London usually pretend that they are in some way related to Manchester and acuse Manchester City fans (who are in most cases actually residents of the afore mentioned city) of being 'stupid, fucking inbred wankers' because their vocabulary doesn't really extend much further.

A Genuine Mancunian realises that Manchester United aren't actually a Manchester team at all, while Manchester City are firmly at home within the boundaries of the actual city itself...
A dark, rainy day in London... "Go up the apple and pears and fetch us a hint of queer, me old cocker, son... Glory Glory Trafford United!"!
by LiverLover March 03, 2005
Little china girl currently living in Manchester, often found masturbating furiously on buses (the 17 between Manchester and Rochdale is his primary haunt)

eh oh I am chinee man fuck me hard yes?
by LiverLover February 07, 2005
Britain's most awesome politician, this man should be fucking Prime Minister.

Known for pissing in public and knocking mullet headed welsh men the fuck out

Real politicians aren't afraid of slapping the stupid public around every now and then
Some Cunt: Oi Two Jags!

Two Jags: What the fuck? Come ere you southern twat, *WHACK* Now stay down, you little bastard
by LiverLover April 29, 2005
Glorious inhabitants of one of the United Kingdom's most majestic and cosmoplitan cities. Mancunians are very friendly and welcoming citizens who are unfortunately plagued by dispicable tire thieves from Liverpool, the only crime in Manchester is committed by DIRTY Scousers.
Mancunian: "Hello there, welcome to Manchester, I say- that's a very nice shell suit you have on there"

Scouse Twat: "Eh Eh Calm Down Calm Down give me yer fuckin tires no ye manc twat"
by LiverLover February 09, 2005

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