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British slang for a rich person who exhibits poor taste. The high society version of a chav.

Originally Victorian slang for an illegitimate child who presents himself as if he were a true heir; a person who often acts above their station.
Jerry's been checking the time all night just so he can show off his Rolex, the flash bastard.
by Keenath July 10, 2008
A person who looks at a lot of shitty art in quick progression. This occurs frequently when douche bags want to appear cool and knowledgeable.
1. Everyone on tumblr is a 'flash bastard.'
by Suckmydickorkillme August 12, 2010
Someone who is an experience whore in a video game.

For example, in Diablo II if the paladin always takes the experience shrines the instant he sees them regardless of who is behind in levels.

Also someone that leaves the party hanging for short periods of time in order to get experience/loot that will not be shared.
He named his paladin "flash bastard" for a reason...
by Jesse Winkler February 19, 2008
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