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1. Semen left around the vaginal opening, as if it were hiding the hole. 3. Dried semen.
This kleenex if filled with manspackle.
by cakes June 11, 2003
5 5
A slang term referring to semen. "Man-spackle" is compared to a white spreadable wall plastering compound, hence, "man-spackle" tends to be a word used by common blue-collar workers in the construction trades.
Example 1: I pulled my penis from her vagina, and ejaculated a load of man-spackle onto her breasts.

Example 2: My girlfriend came home with dried man-spackle covering her tramp stamp. What a white-trash whore she turned out to be!
by Rook's buddy May 12, 2010
14 3
Semen that is very thick and lumpy.
"I just filled her up with man spackle!"
by pedro romero June 08, 2005
13 6
liquid derived from the male genitalia. Also known as semen.
"I'd love to spray my man-spackle all over that young woman's forehead."
by troy October 21, 2004
4 3