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A slang term referring to semen. "Man-spackle" is compared to a white spreadable wall plastering compound, hence, "man-spackle" tends to be a word used by common blue-collar workers in the construction trades.
Example 1: I pulled my penis from her vagina, and ejaculated a load of man-spackle onto her breasts.

Example 2: My girlfriend came home with dried man-spackle covering her tramp stamp. What a white-trash whore she turned out to be!
by Rook's buddy May 12, 2010
liquid derived from the male genitalia. Also known as semen.
"I'd love to spray my man-spackle all over that young woman's forehead."
by troy October 21, 2004
1. Semen left around the vaginal opening, as if it were hiding the hole. 3. Dried semen.
This kleenex if filled with manspackle.
by cakes June 11, 2003
Another word for sperm or semen
I'm going to fill your mouth with my man spackle.
by Fibonaccispiralman March 03, 2016
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