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1. Any male human being, particularly any metrosexual man, serving as a pet, usually to rich gay men, fussy old queens, or, occassionally, to a dominatrix.
"Hey Steve! Check out my new man-pet! Isn't he adorable?!"
by jaslene June 12, 2007
Obsequious male who sniffs after a suitor, male or female, who is way out of his league who will be expected to put up with all of the drudgery of a relationship with none of the benefits, most pointedly without any sex. He will be called upon to act as pyschotherapist, answer 4am phone calls, and provide transportation at a moments notice, without any complaints whatsoever.
Woman 1: "Do you guys do it?"

Woman 2: "Are you kidding, OF COURSE NOT, he's just a man pet!"
by BamKablam September 15, 2011
When a guy goes to get his nail done by asians.
"Dude, i totally saw Kyle getting a manpet as the salon today!"
by Giana T. January 30, 2009

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