A Blow Job / A Hummer / Head

Woman Like Flowers Guys Like Blow Jobs
The Missus Gave Me Man Flowers for Xmas it was a real Hummer
by Fleshdevice January 07, 2012
Top Definition
When a man goes to his girlfriend's place of residence, traditionally flowers are brought. Vice versa, when women visit men at home, man flowers are what men love to recieve. Man flowers are a 6-pack of beer, or some form of alcohol
"Hey hun i brought you some man flowers!"
"What kind? Forget-me-shots?"
"No! I brought Mangaleias!"

by Profius March 29, 2008
A burgeoning artist; one of pure artistic intent and merit.
The pianist's Beethoven recital was rough, though at times he seemed a manflower on the verge of virtuosity.
by Ellen Bancroft June 11, 2006
The moment when a guy, bends over in front of you in his birthday suit and you can see his penis hanging down to the ground; the testicals looliing like the lower leave on a flower leading up to the viewing of the star-shaped anus the looks like a sunflower. (the more hairy the anus are the better the flower looks)
I walked in to the bathroom and a guy was bent over with no clothes on; i saw his manflower! lmao
by oedipus complex extreme August 16, 2015
Anytime a woman gets a man, a man gift, or suprise that has a positive affect, in an unselfish, unsuspecting way that speaks volumes about how much she realy cares.
I had plans to watch the ND, UCLA football game. I was running late only to find out that the game selection had changed due to ND sucking. I had already given up and went to grab a beer. I turned around and the game was on. My wife bought the game for me for 21.95 on pay per view. I did not think about that option. I had never used it. I said wow you got me Manflowers, cause I know how much you hate football.
by Brian Patrick October 15, 2007
Also known as DVDA. This is a sexual position that requires four males to simultaneously have sex with a woman vaginally and anally. The act is only achievable in a limited number of positions, but all of them resemble a flower; with the petals being composed of men's arms and legs, while the pistol and stamen are represented by the woman's arms and legs.
Oh dude, it was so awesome, there was this skank there that was in the middle of a manflower when I walked in a room looking for the shitter.
by B1gR1ch4rd July 21, 2010
The errect male cock
My man flower was in full bloom when I saw that little slut in that whore dress of hers.
by Ali T April 24, 2003
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