when two straight men go on an outing together
Will and Ed went on a man date last Friday night.
by Carebear360 April 21, 2009
A social interaction between 2 people of the male population.
Sam and Michael went on a Man Date to the bowling alley.
by Delicious Nuggets March 21, 2009
A command, order.
The earnest students listened closely for their next mandate.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
A casual social interaction between two or more heterosexual males.
Dean: Dude I'm pumped for this Wednesday!
Mike: I know, MAN DATE!
by MONKEYSPAWFAM September 08, 2010
a social engagement between two straight men.

sometimes this may interpreted as a date between two gus who love eachother which is more of a "gay man-date"
by sk8r_chick March 13, 2009
A social party with men and/or male-related activities. Although some people propose that it be only an all-male gathering, some ManDates do include women, and the ManDate just signifies the partaking of male-oriented activites.
"Hey, let's go play some football with the dudes."
"All right, it's a ManDate!"

"Can we come?"
"No girls allowed, it's a ManDate."

"Hey, bring your girlfriend for the Superbowl party next weekend."
"Is there beer?"
"Yup, it's a ManDate, dude!"
by thericwu January 30, 2008
a social interaction between two straight men.
hey joey, i've got nothing planed. wanna go out on a man date to the bowling Allie...
by dead-as-alive April 13, 2009
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