Something two straight guys do together that they'd normally do with their wife or girlfriend, e.g., dinner, movie or shopping. Man Dates should NOT be confused with male bonding activities such as watching or playing sports, home improvement projects, car or other mechanical repair, hunting or fishing. A typical Man Date participant inevitably says to himself "This used to be cool when I was in college but now it's totally faggy."

Defuse Man Date tension by including relatives (in-laws are ideal) or 3+ participants.
My wife doesn't want to see True Grit so I invited her best friend's husband, which seemed too much like a Man Date so I also invited my brother-in-law.
by aleakyvessel February 07, 2011
When two guys who are good friends go for a night on the town, usually involving alcohol and generally a good time. No girls of any kind allowed in or with
Jeff1: dude thanks for the epic man date last night, had an epic time

Jeff2: No problem man we should do it again
by roger1235 April 27, 2012
A date between two or more hetrosexual men doing a manly activity because the lack of women and or being in a relationship but unable to see their girlfriend/wife/weekly hook up. etc.
Man#1: My girlfriends has a cheerleading camp all next week.
Man#2: Gay, mines at a family reunion and no way I'm going.
Man#1: Want to go to the shooting range then see that new badass movie where people blow things up.
Man#2: Sure.
Man#1 Man Date it is..
by Aid'N July 20, 2009
1) Job interview meeting where you meet a male recruiter.

2) Any other job related meeting you have arranged with a male person, e.g. a colleague.
1. I have a man date on tuesday. I have had thousands of them. I guess nobody will ever hire me. I shouldn't have studied cultural anthropology in the university. Most of them work at McDonalds. Phew!

2. I think the wings of Airbus A300 have started to fracture. We must arrange a man date with the engineers ASAP!
by En Runkare March 05, 2012
When two straight men (usually mates) go out to a pub, bar or sports game etc together.
Rachael "What did you get up to last night?"
John "I went to the pub with Mike"
Rachael "Oh so you had a man date"
by nick whitehouse June 20, 2007
a date with a man, especially when both are men
As a former cheerleader who enjoys kissing bald men on the tops of their heads, Dubya has enjoyed numerous mandates.
by dbb123 November 07, 2011
Whether it’s a movie or dinner, two guys going out together sans females constitutes a man date.
“Hey, guess who I say the other day… Steve. We went out for dinner and a movie.”
“Oh dude, you mean you went on a man date?”
by Anj L May 03, 2007

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