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male ejaculate
She gave me a bomb ass hog smoke and I sprayed my man chowder all over her face
by Chips March 19, 2004
Semen - see also man custard and man paste
There were traces of man chowder on the hotel bed.
by mercunium November 11, 2003
Sperm also see baby gravy
carla was hungry so I Fed her some man chowder
by mooseknuckles October 25, 2002
semen, cum, jizz, baby batter, etc
i gave that lovely young ho a taste of my hot man chowder.
by tony January 28, 2004
Semen ejaculated from the male sexual organ
Rob: Dude, Mr Prout just set us 6 more homework assignments!
Liam: I know. I slipped some of my man chowder in his coffee though, so it's all good.
by Rob764 July 29, 2005
Derogatory shorthand for the English Premiere League football/soccer club, Manchester United F.C. Also referred by the full name of "Manchowder United".

The term "manchowder" is derived from slang for the male ejaculate.
Did you see Manchowder choke to Barcelona in the Champions League final last night? 10-year-old boys must by crying all over the world.
by swagv May 31, 2009
1) The semenal ejaculate out of the male human penis, varying in consistancy from a)chew before swallowing to b)slimey like snot, and all stages in between. Said to have it's taste affected by the male's diet.
Stan, your manchowder is tasting a little too much like garlic.
by jrh5356 April 22, 2005
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