-Porsche Whit-
*See also ugly or transexual
Porsche Whit resembles a man and she is a female
by Shorti* April 02, 2005
some people call people men if they are strong, dress too baggy, or are just manyly.. thought it usually comes with a masculine opinion.
i have a black belt in karate and i am pro at hockey... YOU MAN
by eminem February 21, 2003
An adult human having both honor and a penis.
"To be a man you must have honor! HONOR AND A PEEENIS!" Shin Chan
by Nyannyannyannyannyannshin July 07, 2011
1. Man - A word used to address another, particularly in america.

2. Man - Human Being
1. "Dude, man, like, that dude over there just totally rocks, man.

2. "There is a man named Charlie who will meet you at the dock, give this money to him."
by Joe February 21, 2005
1) If we are to believe the Bible, the prototype for humanity. Large, utilitarian, and fun to play with; however, being only human, not always rational.

2) A human male which is not neotenous. Surprisingly rare.
"If I ever get married, it's going to be to a man—not one of these bratty local guys!"
by Qit January 13, 2004
Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood is the man
by waiban_himself January 31, 2009
someone who will protect you when feeling scared and listen to you when feeling silent. someone who you can lean on for support
gurl, my man is the best he made me breakfast in bed.
by julia March 06, 2005

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