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A reference to any sort of authority, be it the police, the government, the boss, or, in a more abstract sense, the general high- or ruling-class.
Way to stick it to the Man!
by Obi-Juan January 19, 2004
Code language for WTF.
Tim showed up at the party with his ex-girlfriend, I mean, whiskey-tango-foxtrot?
by Obi-Juan January 20, 2004
Shorthand acronym for "Oh, how I laugh heartily". Regarded as a healthy alternative to "LOL".
Heh, your mom likes men. OHILH!
by Obi-Juan January 19, 2004
A slang term and slight misspelling for "bull". Used when something is just lame.
"I just need some lovin'."
"Well, I'm sure the guys in the locker room can give you that."
by Obi-Juan January 20, 2004

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