An expletive used by African Americans, must always be in a high pitched voice. Can be used for good or bad situations.
Man! That ass is blazin!

Another eviction notice? Man!
by DBRob April 03, 2010
Male humans of the human species. They are characterized as hairless, skinny primates are are significantly weaker than other mammals around their size. Despite their physical weakness, humans have reached to the point of being one of Earth's Apex predators, predators with no natural predators of their own. Humans overpopulate the Earth, with a number exceeding 6.9 billion, and continues to destroy the Earth's natural resources to the point where it cannot contain life. They live in all places of the Earth where land is and have also traveled to the Earth's moon.
There are 101 male humans to 100 female humans in the world.
by Poo chan November 16, 2011
Måns is a word used to describe a very talented or/and humble person. The orgin of this word is somewhat uncertain, but some scientists belive that it may have sprung from a person whoms name actually was Måns, and that this person did many great things to uphold the rights of every human being. The word Måns have multiple uses, it can also describe, for example, a finely crafted object made by a master, the word saying that it is a fine object indeed, and that is perfect in every little detail. The word also means "man who will rise above all others", and "creator of all", in many languages. A person who is a Måns is likely to be the subject of small-scale harassments from his near friends, having realized that they never will reach to the level of perfection of the Måns, and thus they become jealous and bitter. But Måns don't judge them becouse of this, he knows it not his place to judge fools.
Damn Willie, you gave me such an orgasm last night I could've sworn it was a Måns fucking me there. (Girlfriend to boyfriend at breakfast)
by Cea February 05, 2004
Women love them. Sometimes so much, we even hate them. It certainly hurts when they don't love us back - that may even turn us into feminists and think of some 'rights' that we can stamp them with violating - that is called broken heart syndrom. When really, we love to cook, clean and raise your kiddo as long as you love us dearly.
God bless you, my man, my protector and provider.
by Kajo September 13, 2012
The source of this planet’s greatest achievements and greatest destructions. A creature that lives and breathes for his family and self. Doesn’t mind working more than half of his life as long as he sees his beautiful wife and kids happy.

Treats a woman as his equal complement. Respects his mom and dad, an asset to the society; well-mannered and polite to other people but won’t hesitate to kick your ass the moment you try to fuck him up.

Always walks with confidence, not only because he has fortune, fame and power but also because he knows he has the respect of the people surrounding him. Acts as if he has the biggest dick in the room and no one argues about it.

Woman’s greatest hero or greatest villain. Poses as a big challenge for females making them want to have sex with him even more. Will do anything for a woman that he loves and loves him back. Finds deep pleasure when his dick is getting suck by a woman and doesn’t mind licking that woman’s pussy after. A being born with two heads and always has a problem of which one to use.

He is the planet’s most dangerous creature. A beast that only gets stronger when being wounded; Half angel half devil. A combination of macho man, bad boy and good boy. A being that won’t hesitate to destroy anyone that threatens his family. The main character on books read by parents for their children every night that saves everyone during distress and takes home the girl to live happily ever after — while fucking her at the same time.
Example #1

Jenna: I hate that man sometimes. But I still love fucking him when he comes home and brings all the good stuff.

Example #2

Curious Lisa: Why do you like getting head so much?

Tom: Because I’m a man. That's why.

Example #3

Enlightened guru: No one really knows what’s the real definition of a man, you just have to see him to believe it.
by vlodia April 02, 2015
What your son will become. Raise him right.
Just have a penis and you'll be a man. What is all this "you aren't a real man UNLESS"...crap meanwhile you have definitions for woman like "What your daughter will become. Raise her right." Like you just have to have a vagina and be 18 but somehow only 1 out of every million men is a "real man" by some other bollocks definition. Time to set that bs straight.
by ihatemgtowlosers October 11, 2014
The superior sexual gender throughout history. Often times found to be smarter, stronger, harder working, better work ethic, more honest, more simple (because simple things in life are best kept simple).

Known for their male physique of muscle, hair in many locations, and a penis capable to support the human population.

If you ever encounter a man, be sure to say thank you.
Question: Who runs the world?

Answer: Man
by Nids May 06, 2012

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