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buff. tall. hungry 24/7.
victor sanchez is the true definition of a man.
by Sierra Corpuz December 04, 2011
male genitals;penis;nut sacs

suck my mans you fat ass hoe
by clement parkes March 28, 2008
Generally refers to a friend, buddy, or someone you hang around with, but is also used to refer to one's penis. The latter usage is common in the Northeastern part of the United States.
"My mans hangs LOW dog (no homo)"; "I could tell she wanted my mans so badly"
by Passsss December 23, 2006
What stupid high school boys in London call themselves, they are under the assumption that they are full grown men and that they actually mean something to the world. When in reality they suck arse.
See vikas
pussy boy: nuff mans want to cut that boi
arse kisser: yeah if you start a fight i will jump in and hold him down
pussy boy: im gonna fuck him up
by Quitelate June 07, 2006
reference to a person who is either in high authority or of some importance to a specific event. Someone who usually benefits you to the point where you would be compelled to say "he is the man" but instead say "he is mans".

Is used to refer to people such as Presidents, CEO's, drug cartels, and other amazing people.

the word originally was "the man" as in "He is the man" but later was changed by highly intellectuall beings to "Mans"...for it is far cooler to talk like that
Ex 1:
"That's mans car!" in reference to a specific person's car

"Wow this stuff is amazing...he is mans" in reference to a pot dealer with some amazing stuff
by thundercat3307 June 05, 2005
Any male above the age of 18 who is not a pussy.
Can you belive that this 15 year old boy has a bigger penis then us mans.
by Landamo June 03, 2004
Dear editor, this entry does not violate any of the rules on the editor homepage. "Rule 3. Publish opinions. Don't reject an entry just because it's opinionated. Opinions are useful to readers unfamiliar with a topic. Don't reject an entry because you disagree or are offended. Don't reject an entry because you think it's inaccurate." It is not sexist as it is a view which can be held by any gender, does not generalise entire groups and does not mention any approval or promotion of discrimination. "Rule 2 Entries can document discrimination but not endorse it." So act with a little integrity, for once.

90% are useless, worthless arseholes who vote up and post misogynistic definitions. when they're not doing that they're probably whining their egocentric hearts out that people are complaining about their stupid misogynistic arses whilst desperately trying to distance themselves from that fact. despite this they'll often either a) not vote down male chauvinism and only recognise sexism exists when (shock, horror!) it's directed at them (useless, worthless arsehole) or b) laugh at misogyny and casual sexism and vote it up. c) the absolute rarity on urbandictionary: feminist male who votes down chauvinistic, masculist sociopathy and who doesn't expect people to simply accept casual chauvinism and irrational prejudice because some other oblivious, privileged arsehole who only empathises with their own interests (fuck you) finds it amusing.
"i laughed my head off at the notion of the delusional man who claimed UD was not a repository of the racist, sexist sentiments of antisocial, teenage white heterosexual males, they need to find a clue. off the top of my head: rape (15 out of 20 pages = misogynistic bullshit), domestic violence, domestic abuse, sexual harassment, patriarchy, women's rights, feminist (5 of 11), feminazi (5 of 8), surprise sex, faggot, dyke, mangina, slut, slut shaming, whore, bitch, cunt, cum dumpster, woman (16 of 20 - chauvinistic bullshit), women (8 of 10), female brain, female logic, 50 facts about women... cba to write any more, you only need to open your oblivious eyes to see what is evident, if you've been an editor you'll also know that almost every other definition that's submitted is a made up sexist term where the female is sexually degraded anyway or something racist/homophobic... which often still gets accepted, DESPITE it being against rule 2 on the editor homepage which states "2. Reject racist and sexist entries. Entries can document discrimination but not endorse it."(pissed off pirate, alabama hot pocket, red sock, anybody?), but what do you expect when 90% of the editors themselves are other egotistical antisocial, teenage white heterosexual males?"