Man: Mysoginistic Asshole Nigger = MAN
No further explanation needed = MAN
A sentence suffix which, when added, makes anyone sound like the Dude from "The Big Lebowski".
Four score and seven years ago, man. - A. Lincoln

I have a dream, man. - MLK

To be or not to be? That is the question, man. - Wm. Shakespeare
by levine2112 February 08, 2012
The prefix added to a word to make it manlier, as in manpurse (a manly purse), manswer (a manly answer) and mancave (a manly cave or place for a group of men).

Special note: Sometimes it is necessary to replace the first syllable of the word for man- as in the example, manwich, a manly sandwich which contains a unusual amount of meat.
Sally: Geez Joe, do you always masterbate in a pool of sharks while juggling flaming chainsaws?

Joe: Don't you know anything? I'm not masterbating, I'm MAN-sterbating!
by ghostsquad October 06, 2011
Someone who wouldn't make the following mistakes:

The "Dear editor" entry for the definition of "man" endorses descrimination, despite quoting the rules: "Entries can document discrimination but not endorse it".

"90% are useless, worthless arseholes" - that applies not to men, but rather to users of urban dictionary, which is a small subset of "people".

The entry is also duplicated several times.
Man: I am a man.

Woman: Yes I can see that and I am very impressed.
by E Way October 22, 2012

Meaning my boys
My mans an nem are gonna meet me at the party.
by Urbanfox March 07, 2007
Male humans of the human species. They are characterized as hairless, skinny primates are are significantly weaker than other mammals around their size. Despite their physical weakness, humans have reached to the point of being one of Earth's Apex predators, predators with no natural predators of their own. Humans overpopulate the Earth, with a number exceeding 6.9 billion, and continues to destroy the Earth's natural resources to the point where it cannot contain life. They live in all places of the Earth where land is and have also traveled to the Earth's moon.
There are 101 male humans to 100 female humans in the world.
by Poo chan November 16, 2011
Måns is a word used to describe a very talented or/and humble person. The orgin of this word is somewhat uncertain, but some scientists belive that it may have sprung from a person whoms name actually was Måns, and that this person did many great things to uphold the rights of every human being. The word Måns have multiple uses, it can also describe, for example, a finely crafted object made by a master, the word saying that it is a fine object indeed, and that is perfect in every little detail. The word also means "man who will rise above all others", and "creator of all", in many languages. A person who is a Måns is likely to be the subject of small-scale harassments from his near friends, having realized that they never will reach to the level of perfection of the Måns, and thus they become jealous and bitter. But Måns don't judge them becouse of this, he knows it not his place to judge fools.
Damn Willie, you gave me such an orgasm last night I could've sworn it was a Måns fucking me there. (Girlfriend to boyfriend at breakfast)
by Cea February 05, 2004

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