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an attractive, desirable man. A hot guy that chicks dig
"That Saddam Hussein he's no man candy"
by glasrauch April 08, 2003
man candy man-kan-dee n. A delicious, delectable, scrumptious little niblet of happiness which tickles one's fancy and satisfies one's sweet tooth while bringing a flavorful abundance of zing to one's lips and appearing as a Greek god descending from the heavens of the male specimen.
"I definitely cannot engage in this conversation because i have no man candy."
by SEKSCI April 12, 2010
A fantastically good-looking, fit male.
Some might call Brad Pitt mancandy.
by Torli April 23, 2006
A male that's physically attractive and generally eye candy.
My boyfriend Dyllan is total mancandy. Yum.
by Tessessah November 14, 2010
any actor who was in the movie 300.
Man, Leonidus is a hot piece of man candy!
by DSilver November 19, 2007
A guy you are not officially dating but he takes you to parties, buys you things (drugs, food, etc) and fucks you at night (or day). He treats you like a girlfriend only when you are together in person, not otherwise. Basically a friend with benefits+arm candy+sugar daddy.

Also, you can have multiple mancandies depending on how many friend circles you have and where you are going to go with each of them. One may take you to parties while another may take you to movies.
"I'd go but my mancandy wants me to stop by his place before we go to _____'s party"

"_____ found out about my other mancandy, and he is SO pissed. I guess he didn't understand how all this works, we are NOT dating"
by FIREMAP May 07, 2009
The cause of my neck strain. I see it every morning when I drive to work. Young, dark and lean Hispanic day laborers that stand in a parking lot waiting for work. I mentally grow their hair, take off their clothes and put loin cloths on them.
Hey girls, take a look at that man candy! Yow!!!!
by Sugarmomma November 08, 2006
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