The joint relationship between two eternal lovers, one being the cutest blonde female with blue sunflower filled eyes. The other lover must have brown eyes that light up when the female is present. Mammy's have everything you can think of in common. Mammy's are very intercourse oriented lovers that eat macaroni and cheese once satisfied. Preferably Panera Bread. Mammy's live for roughly 112 years, and find one anothers love once the age of 18 is reached. They are together for 94 years. Family Pattern: 6 kids, no pets, white picket fence, substantial amount of land, trees, and many cars(Jeep Wrangler and Corvette). Mammy's will do anything for one another and have the best kisses.
Gosh, those two have to be Mammy's, they are so cute. They are always matching!

Random Wife: Honey, Why can't we fmlove like those Mammy's?

Random Husband: Am I not good enough? -__-
Random Wife: No, you are... they do the Himen, and the Hideit. Get more creative you coobie.
by tpohankajr June 28, 2011
Top Definition
a black woman, depicted as rotund, homely and matronly.

The mammy is an archetype, portraying a domestic servant of African descent who is generally good-natured, often overweight, and loud. The stereotypical mammy is portrayed as obsequiously servile or acting in, or protective of, the interests of whites

Although the word "mammy" is a variant of "mother" and was common in North America, it is now rarely used and typically considered an ethnic slur. In parts of the UK however, mammy is still widely used as a synonym for "mother" by young people, without any racial connotation.
Quaker Oats recently gave their "Aunt Jemima" pancake syrup bottle a makeover to remove the racially insensitive mammy image.
by PCone November 14, 2009
Mammy - term has evoled quite drastically from the early late 19th - early 20th century. When the term was used to describe a black woman in a dominant white household that took care of the children and housework to create better life for her own children.

However, the term in present time is used to describe an unfit, lazy, uncaring, wannabe grown, irresponsible or unruly mother.
Jose grabbed her child and all the child's toy and place the child inside the house unattended without telling anyone. Just to go score some weed with a somewhat complete stranger. Now that's a mammy!
by kCole May 15, 2008
An exclamation that is used to identify an unintended subtle sexual innuendo.
You are driving with one or more friends and pull into a parking lot. You see a sign that says "Use Rear Entrance" and exclaim "MAMMY! Alternately, your roommate comes back from class and is drenched from a rainstorm. She says "Oh my God, I am so wet!" and you say "Mammy!"
by heather, dan and nicole August 31, 2007
a derrogatory term often said towards "ghetto" women who are characterized by their black air force ones, large hoop earrings, overuse of makeup, and over-dyed hair.
The ghetto mammy was standing on the street corner waiting for some business.
by C-Dizzizzle May 13, 2009
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