A black slave.See also nigga.
Get yo ass back to work mammy.
by nigboy January 03, 2005
The joint relationship between two eternal lovers, one being the cutest blonde female with blue sunflower filled eyes. The other lover must have brown eyes that light up when the female is present. Mammy's have everything you can think of in common. Mammy's are very intercourse oriented lovers that eat macaroni and cheese once satisfied. Preferably Panera Bread. Mammy's live for roughly 112 years, and find one anothers love once the age of 18 is reached. They are together for 94 years. Family Pattern: 6 kids, no pets, white picket fence, substantial amount of land, trees, and many cars(Jeep Wrangler and Corvette). Mammy's will do anything for one another and have the best kisses.
Gosh, those two have to be Mammy's, they are so cute. They are always matching!

Random Wife: Honey, Why can't we fmlove like those Mammy's?

Random Husband: Am I not good enough? -__-
Random Wife: No, you are... they do the Himen, and the Hideit. Get more creative you coobie.
by tpohankajr June 28, 2011
A very nasty, bitter woman, lacking in morals and individuality.
Because Deb felt cheated in life, she decided to become a Mammy and follow along with the other bitter people.
by seengee March 30, 2009
Short for the word, mammogram.
Grammy's getting a mammy today. Wish her luck.
by Dianeb December 07, 2006
stands for breast OR
something you call your grandma
My mammies are sore OR
I was at my mammy's house she's gettin old
by amanda and nichole May 26, 2007
Short for Mammoth Tank. Usually used by people playing Command and Conquer Renegade when there are mammoth tanks on the field
RFPuppy: W00t! I built 5 mammys!
by Nikko May 11, 2005
A slang term that modifies the noun that precedes it to reflect a large quantity of that particular thing. Similar in usage to the word myriad, though placed differently.
I've got condoms mammy, I need to use these mothers up!
I've got bottles of liquor mammy. Let's party!

To compare:
There were myriad empty beer cans.
There were beer cans mammy!
by px0128 January 18, 2007

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