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the act of slaping from the forehead down to the chin. someone says something you dont give a fuck about. just *malp* them
"So i finally shaved my hairy ass legs todaa..."*malp*"....wtf?!"
"my mom died from a heart attaa" *malp* "are u kidding me">:(
by Dyleamiabecc May 25, 2010
(v.) to shoot water out of one's during the course of laughing ridiculously hard while unknowingly creating a word
Kellyn malped when she realized she misspelled 'lamp'.
by atticus ender September 07, 2007
may I help.(son of bitch.)
Hello Bascin Robins, Duncot Donuts, Taco Bell, Malp You.
by Best Best May 14, 2007