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(v.) to shoot water out of one's during the course of laughing ridiculously hard while unknowingly creating a word
Kellyn malped when she realized she misspelled 'lamp'.
by atticus ender September 07, 2007
the act of slaping from the forehead down to the chin. someone says something you dont give a fuck about. just *malp* them
"So i finally shaved my hairy ass legs todaa..."*malp*"!"
"my mom died from a heart attaa" *malp* "are u kidding me">:(
by Dyleamiabecc May 25, 2010
may I help.(son of bitch.)
Hello Bascin Robins, Duncot Donuts, Taco Bell, Malp You.
by Best Best May 14, 2007
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